Thursday, 12 February 2009

a Logo for Aquarellista!

We are passionate about Aquarelle!
We'd like to promote painting with it. We found out that aquarelle is a fabulous medium to express yourself in. It is light, you can always carry it with you, it has no strong smell and is ready for use whenever you feel like it. Being good with aquarelle paint is regarded as difficult - and it does require a bit of technique - that you have to learn first. Not everybody can do it - but, it is not extremely difficult, just different!!

There have been great artists in the past that used aquarelle as a serious medium: Dürer, Turner, Kandinsky, Nolde... They were the first Aquarellista's!

Modern Art (I'm told) is only succesful when it is "shocking"... People watch tv all day, and are used to seeing shocking things, in general they go for the quick fix, the kick, and the sensation.

We would propose Aquarelle as a proud answer to that!
Aquarellista! is a movement that promotes the beautiful, fine and subtle art of painting with aquarelle. We' d like every artist that works with aquarelle to join this group - there must be a possibility to become a mature contrast to this decadent trend that art has to be scandalous to "work". Aquarelle can be the medium for serious abstract painting, expressing emotion - strong, maybe quiet, gripping but subtle, spontaneous and always striking.

Would you like to become a member? Send a mail, or write a comment below! Membership is free for the time being and the more we are, the bigger the chance that we will be accepted as serious artists!

We'll gradually build up the movement. A website is in the planning and, after careful consideration, we'd like to introduce 3 proposals for a logo:

Let us know which one you like best!! - That one will be worked out into a serious Aquarellista logo...We look forward to your comments...

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