Sunday, 8 February 2009

Making aquarelles for a job-and the monkey problem

A girl has to eat - and that's why a girl cannot always work on expressing herself...
This Aquarellista earns a living painting houses and portraits, as a member of the Marina Artists team!
I just finished an aquarelle of a complicated house - and super rich in detail.
It was ordered by a group of girlfriends that wanted to give a present to one of them - she is moving from the South of France back to London... This is her house!

I took pictures of the progress during the days I was working on it - and put them in a presentation, which will give an indication of how it was done...

It was a lot of work but I loved every minute of it. That said, it did influence my cooking!
Where I usually am painting on big pieces of paper, detailed where I think it should be and for the rest, let the transparent paint do its thing - in the kitchen I like easy, fresh and just a pinch of salt. But during this all-detail painting project, I started to peel grapes for a fruit salad and making complicated dishes with really difficult sauces... Coincidence? My husband hopes I'm back to big paintings asap :) But the brain works in mysterious ways...
Talking about brain, we (Cathie and Marina II, the other aquarellista's and me) have an issue: the Monkey Puzzle.

I clearly see a monkey in this picture - the others see a crocodile (I see that too) but no monkey - where I cannot imagine that they can miss it. How come? Is my brain working in a different manner? Does that mean, like Cathie said, that other people are missing a lot when they look at my work? Wooha... Nice one. O well, more about the monkey problem (an explanation and maybe more riddles) in a later post!
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  1. Even with a glass of wine I don't see a monkey or a crocodile... have to train the left side of my brain I guess...
    I am VERY impressed by the video of the house!!! You are so smart!


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