Sunday, 26 April 2009

Cat show has started!

Grey Kitten - wet in wet then wet on dry - now sold
OK - after three days of working really really hard, putting heavy sculptures and aquarelles in place (and then removing them because it didn't look good, repositioning them, finishing the last details & going out shopping for champagne and other drinkees to serve to our guests) we had the super-succesful vernissage of Chat'atouille on Friday evening... We must have had at least 100 people - the whole village of Valbonne was there, the regional newspaper, our friends, and of course... the Aquarellista's!!
After the vernissage we went out for dinner with most of Valbonne village until late at night and this weekend Sculptor Sally Ducrow & I started our "permanence" in the gallery... We had a lot of interest, from all over the world - and also from a local girl that immediately took the chair that originally was reserved for Sally's marble "Chat qui fait sa toilette".
She may even have kittens some day soon - I'll keep you posted!
The address of the show:

Salle de Saint Esprit
Place de l'église
Valbonne Village
Open Tuesday - Friday 2 - 6 PM
Weekends 10AM - 6PM
Show closes Sunday 10 May 6PM

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  1. Congratulations Marina & Sally.
    Not the least bit surprised the grey kitten sold. It is exceptional!!!! Anyone who hasn't been should go & have a look.
    Very happy with my pair of kitten from Sally & wish you both loads of luck.
    xx Cathie


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