Monday, 29 June 2009

Swapping I

Not Picasso - but a combined effort of Ann Edwards and Helene van der Kroft!
To swap - a great thing to do if you are painting together, like we do... It will make you come out of your comfort zone, experiment, be triggered by something outside yourself and last but not least be less "result" driven. The Aquarellista's did it last week - and will do it again when we are getting together next time... Maybe it is an idea for you too!
A real prizewinner - started by Brenda Moorehouse, finished by Lies Timmermans

This the swapping principle:Stretch mouldmade arches grain torchon on large boards. Everybody starts a background - knowing that this painting will be finished by somebody else. There are no rules, and it is not forbidden to make it difficult -or weird- for the next person! Then you swap and you get that strange background, made by somebody else - and you let yourself be inspired by what you see...
Marianne van Wijngaarden did a great job on Hélène van der Kroft's pattern background
"Result" may not be what we were after - but the work has actually come out quite good! And we learned a lot from doing it. Sorry once more for the bad quality pictures - had to take them with my phone...
I proudly present my background - finished by Cathie van der Stel
Ann Edwards finished Cathie's background and made a Science fiction landscape

Cathie did another background - that was finished by Brenda Moorehouse into a very interesting and playful abstract composition...

And Marianne's background - with regular stamps in masking fluid, made into chinese wallpaper by Marina

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