Monday, 20 July 2009

Girl Power?

This weekend I had the opening of a private exhibition. Forty of my aquarelles were on display for the residents of a very exclusive domaine.

Over there I met a lovely, mysterious and famous aquarellista. A wealthy man, made his fortune in Japan with his watercolours (yippee, it can be done!) who told me he gave lectures on academies all over the world - but that the English watercolour tradition didn't accept him. I'll be contacting soon to hear more of his stories, admire his work, and I'll let you know all about it.

I am very proud that he appreciated "my DNA". There was another well-known and talented artist present who holds the aquarelle brush from time to time and I'll feature him as well in later posts.
The other visitors were all interested in art - well - the women were! From the comments I received I could make up that they understood what I was doing (or trying to do) with my abstract free work: Use the behaviour of the paint to create something that comes out of ME, my brain, my imagination, my DNA. The result is a surprise to me too, it is never exactly planned and I only show what I like.
But I feel I'm on to something there, something original, that I must work with, and it has to do with the origin - of me, but also of life itself. Very modest, not?

Anyway - the men, with exception of the artists, were all looking for something they could recognise. "I like the protraits much better" was a much-heard remark. "A very free interpretation of DNA" or "doesn't look like DNA at all" were down-to-earth others. And last but not least "I can see you are a woman - you paint textile and fabrics, looks like needlework" .

Don't get me wrong -I appreciate the input and I do wonder if it might be true, as I have noticed before that in general my work is recognized by women, they seem to like it better than men and also somehow understand the "deeper" meaning ... More later! And I'd like to read your comments, so don't hesitate to react. On my website you can see more work...

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