Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Exhibition in Chateauneuf - the Vernissage!

And then the expo opened...We started with great drinks and appetizers and an informal speech "en Provençal" by the mayor of Chateauneuf (R), who by the way told us he was very impressed by the quality of the work - and he wasn't making that up: he is going to write an article in the Chateauneuf Newspaper about it!! (I'll make sure I get that and scan it and post it - with a translation)

After the mayor's words, the president of our atelier, Anton Dikken (L) spoke -with quite a bit of humor in it - and that left the audience in such a good mood that some good deals were done on paintings - and especially those of the aquarellista's I might add (I am proud of you)!!

A lot of people visited the vernissage, but also the following days there has been a lot of interest!

The show is on until Sunday September 13th 4PM, if you haven't been, don't forget to pass by, the art is great, truly worthwhile!

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