Monday, 26 October 2009

Finished projects and new starts

Week before last, the aquarellista's painted straight forward reflections, in water and on mirrors. Most of that is in the post below this one, but two more were finished and they happen to have come out so good that I show them in an in-betweenie piece...
Cathie van der Stel's fabulous reflection painting - first stage and finished product
Stage 1 and 2 of Beverly Ellsley's Taj Mahal
And then some worked out other ideas: Marianne, Marina and Bibbi
Marianne van Wijngaarden is finding out ways to paint in a more spontaneous and direct way. With this cow she seems to have found the right direction...

And Bibbi Isaksson started on an impression of autumn vine-leaves
(as did Marina Teding van Berkhout: I owe you a picture of her painting when it is finished)

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