Thursday, 22 October 2009

Reflections in aquarelle II

Last week most of the members of our Aquarellista group in the South of France busied themselves once more with the "reflection" theme - this time in convex mirrors... the effects are amazing - and worth looking into more often - we haven't approached the subject in a technical way - we just used the impression it made on us and painted that on the beautiful mould made paper with our transparent aquarelle paint!

Sandra Seymour-Dale with her graphical village reflected in a sphere...

...similar work from Brenda Moorehouse - with an "industrial" atmosphere...

...Beverly Ellsley created this wonderful still life with "jeu-de-boules" ball...'s another amazing picture from the hands of Ann Edwards!!! Isn't it wonderful! What an if it rolls from the paper...
And last but not least the poetic work of Anna Karin Fast - she gives the jeu-de-boule-balls a beautiful, peaceful character and if you look careful you can see the very subtle reflections!

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