Sunday, 20 December 2009

Xmas Exhibition in Chateauneuf part III

The exhibition in Chateauneuf is over - it was only there for a week. Our work - as well as that of the acrylics and oil artists was admired greatly by the mayor and other top dogs of Chateauneuf on their Christmas celebration. All visitors were positive and the membership of the Chateauneuf department of the International Women's club of the Riviera, who had their Christmas dinner between our paintings - was also very enthusiastic!
And now most of us are going to have their Xmas-holidays, in Sweden, Norway, England, Switzerland, Holland, Australia... And some are staying here and will go on painting! Me for example - I'll use the time off to start painting on large versions of some new ideas I've been working on... more about that in the next post... And here are some more pictures of the expo!

Provence village by Barbara Gentsch and  guy in a metro station by Örjan Rinnert

Bad pic of fabulous sculpture: Bird by Helen Bate

Three Nudes by Wim Teunissen, Betty Schep and Neville Moray...
and last but not least the real aquarellista thing:

Waterlilies by Cathie van der Stel and Denise Holt and
Chateauneuf in the snow by Marina Teding van Berkhout

Waterlily by Bibbi Isaksson, abstract by Birgitta Engvall
and Door in Chateauneuf by Sandra Seymour

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