Sunday, 10 January 2010

Last part of the Triptych

Before we start again with the Aquarellista group I'd like to use this space to tell about a long (literally!) aquarelle project: I finally (after over10 years) finished it! Up to last month it existed of two parts that (typical for a lot of my abstract work) in itself was divided in parts. It was one of the first "DNA" paintings... every ribbon is symbolic for a "life"...

Those "lives" of course are pure imagination, they come out of my fantasy - but for me they are real and happening, some happy, others sad, some short, long, shallow, deep, colourful, monochrome, dancing, moving, still... all influenced by external events (water, the background, each other...). The 3 paintings are 1.50 meter high, I worked on loose sheets 300 grams torchon of  38 x 50 cm . Working on different pages has many advantages, for example, it is easier to take distance, when you work on several parts at the same time. No problem to work on a tiny coffee table if necessary, the size is manageable. Don't worry about making mistakes, you can start over and keep the other sheets that you were happy with. You can make better versions and, very interestingly, be inspired by your own work!

Anyway - I have been thinking about that final part of the triptych for a long time and finally last december I started -and finished it. Of course I have changed and made other choices while painting, the difference is very visible I think and even that gives inspiration (I might go back to that simpler way of working sometime)? Life, growth, development, combining, selecting, that is what the DNA paintings are about too. The work of an artist should be like that: constant learning, researching and developing... And it is very possible that this triptych will develop into 2 or three others! Or that left and right stay together and middle gets new neighbours... I'll keep you posted!

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