Tuesday, 2 February 2010

EXHIBITION Marina Artist Team


Casablù, Modern Art gallery in Valbonne exhibits the poetic watercolours of the “Marina Artist Team”. From Saturday 6 - Friday 12 February
The Marina Artist Team: three artists, who work together on commissions for portraits of people, animals and houses or views. Working as a team makes them more efficient, using each others’ strong points, feedback and inspiration. This synergy increases the quality of their work while prices remain reasonable.

The Marina Artist Team is Marina Kulik, Marina Teding van Berkhout and Cathie van der Stel. All three are living and working close to Valbonne, with the same passion: painting in aquarelle watercolours. All three are members of the “Aquarellista!” movement and working as autonomous artists as well. The team started end 2007 with the two Marina’s (hence the name) who helped each other with their commissions. When they couldn’t handle more work they looked for another Marina – and in the end chose for the best and her name turned out to be Cathie…

The Marina Artist Team paints portraits of their clients’ nearest and dearest (people as well as pets), or (second) homes. Real estate firms often commission paintings of properties as a gift to their customers.

Aquarelle uses transparent paint that is as fluid as water. The paint is hard to control and because of the transparency, mistakes are hard to correct. Aquarelle paintings have to be ‘right the first time”. That’s why it is known as a “difficult” technique and not too often used for serious artwork
Before the definitive aquarelle is made, many sketches, studies and versions see the light.
An aquarelle watercolour is painted on mould made or handmade paper, the Marina Artist Team works primarily on 300 grams Torchon rough grain paper.

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  1. Bonjour,
    J'ai vu votre expo mercredi 10 février, et c'était très beau, beaucoup de talent, félicitations Marina et Cathy et bonne continuation, bonne peinture !
    Amicalement, Marie (Anca)


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