Monday, 29 March 2010

Portraits in aquarelle III

Beautiful granddaughter by Anna-Karin Fast
Five aquarellista's present last time we got together, and we produced as if we were ten...
Look at the results of only one afternoon!! I can actually report two parallel developments, one on the creation of realistic portraits, the initial objective of this "theme"... Anna Karin Fast started the aquarelle above, in her characteristic, light, direct and spontaneous style.

Ann Edwards' "Venus of Milo"
Ann Edwards concentrated on the lightfall and the representation of marble, as well as the typical features of the famous sculpture - we hope to see the finished product next week!
Bibbi Isaksson created a 'double portrait', from an old black and white picture of herself and her husband on holiday. She is still working on it, developing and researching until she finds the final shape. She experiments with photoshop:
I love the right-side eye! and the humor in the photoshop version...

Sandra Seymour-Dale and Cathie van der Stel experimented too, with portraits and colour, look at the fascinating results - to be continued for a long time!!
This is what 'the making of' looks like. Water, palettes, brushes, salt, kitchenpaper - and lots of tea!
Cathie van der Stel's latest version of her 'guy with a cold'

And another guy by Cathie
Note how natural he looks, despite the green, purple and blue! Fauvism in aquarelle portraits, it works! To be developed, as Cathie is definitely on the way of discovering something really worthwhile.

Sandra Seymour Dale's kaleidoscopic self portrait version 1
The idea was to arrange the separate pieces, put them on top of each other, to form one face. But that didn't make it stronger.

Sandra Seymour Dale's kaleidoscopic self portrait version 2
The project is not yet over, but arranging the pieces in the way shown above gives much more information on the person than a regular portrait. I think it is a great idea...
Next week: the finished results...more portraits! And then we'll go for something abstract again. On large sizes. And hopefully in great, sunny, warm, South French weather!

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