Monday, 15 March 2010

Portraits in Aquarelle

Our aquarellista group has embarked on a four-week "portrait" project... We started with a selfportrait.
The paintings you can admire below are a great start and an example of our different styles. Unfinished! -but I'll keep you posted on the progress...
Self portrait in kaleidoscopic version of Sandra SeymourDale

Cathie van der Stel worked on several portrait projects, (that I didn't take pictures of I'm sorry to say) but here's the beginning of her self portrait. I can recognise her from it!

Marie Dorveaux started on her self portrait with a lot of contrast! Look at the right eye - it reflects the sun in a beautiful way!!

Ann Edwards started not on a self portrait but on one of her granddaughter.
Aren't the eyes gorgeous and special!
Can't wait to see the finished paintings next week...

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