Monday, 8 March 2010

Views and Violets

We had a couple of projects to finish last week, before we started with the "folded fabric". Sandra Seymour-Dale worked on three paintings at the same time, one of those this stunning wave. She set it up with masking fluid, for the foam. One of the things you can hardly paint without a masking product. Using it you can work  impulsive and wet in wet while preserving the movement and spontaneous character of the white parts. As you can see Sandra did a fantastic job here! She also used salt - with moderation- if you enlarge the picture you can clearly see the effect in the bottom left hand corner.
She also worked on the Cinqueterre idea,  and used it as an inspiration for some architectural aquarelles...
Cathie van der Stel finished her version of Manarola - it has truly worked out into a stunning picture! Composition and colours and patience and antmosphere - all great!! 
And Marina Teding van Berkhout painted velvet (see post above) and violets! Note that she first painted the violets, then covered them with masking fluid and painted the background, wet in wet. After removing the masking fluid she balanced the total picture and this is the result

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