Monday, 19 April 2010

Portraits in aquarelle V

Last week we got together again after the break, and the idea was to use vulcano eruptions as inspiration for a bit of abstract work... but somehow everybody present felt like working on portraits once more! So... that's just what we did - although Sandra created a very interesting multimaterial vulcano, using silkwrapping paper to give the image a bit more relief:

And then we had two guests, the niece and daughter of oil painter Véronique Vandenhoeck!
The two had no experience in painting, but clearly had talent!! Amazing work:

And then some more portraits!
Sandra Seymour-Dale has been working for weeks on her very interesting project where she painted (several copies of) parts of her face and then combinig those parts to something that resembled her! She ended up tearing the parts in even smaller parts, and created two interesting, fauvist portraits, of which the middle one actually looks like her! And apart from the result, this was also about the process, it was such fun to do, and to watch! And also a very good idea for other aquarellista's...
Mireille Bonnaud thoroughly studied the characteristics of the iris
Before she painted the gorgeous eyes of this feline!!

Bibbi Isaksson worked on two interesting, promising portraits that weren't finished: I'll show her end product in the next post, with hopefully... some inspired abstract work, related to volcano's...

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