Monday, 31 May 2010

Brilliant work - but bad bad photo's

This is the FANTASTIC aquarelle of Mireille Bonnaud! Leaves, in a whirling wind. I'll take a better picture of this one and post it again next week!

The aquarellista group has been working hard and motivated on a couple of things. The starters did VERY GOOD on their next project, "spheres", the others worked on flowers and began experimenting with our theme: "inside/outside"...
But silly me, I pressed some button on my camera and the pictures turned out so small that you can hardly see what's on them!! Luckily most of the work wasn't finished, soI'll get another chance tomorrow!
I will show you the minuscule piccies though, for a preview....

Experiment with spheres by Helen Bate

Butterfly with volume by Mia Schraa

Iris by Brenda Moorehouse (look at that background!!)

Tulips by Sandra Seymour-Dale

She did lots more by the way, on her dried roses series - but you'll have to wait for that until next week, just like Cathie's, Marina's and Ann's work on the inside/outside theme...

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