Sunday, 20 June 2010

"Artour" in Villeneuve Loubet

Saturday 19 June yours truly participated in an exhibition meant for business people of "our" Silicon Valley, Sophia Antipolis - the high-tech area of the Côte d'Azur. This one-day activity was organized by my agents from Ambre international and held in the Citadel of Villeneuve Loubet, the property of  Marquis De Panisse.

The location was stunning! It is built in the 12th century and completely renovated in 1900. It is all perfect and inspiring and these pictures do not do the place justice... It is actually quite a romantic place! And not open for visitors... it was quite an opportunity for artists and invitees alike.

 From the remparts there is a 360° view on the sea, the villages, Nice and the mountains.

And around the citadelle is a very well-kept forest that has all kinds of interesting medicinal and rare plants.
We had put up our artwork (paintings and sculptures) outside in the courtyard, the sun was shining and we were giving demonstrations and telling the interested visitors about our work...
And then it started to rain!

I was lucky to have brought lots of plastic, I could cover my precious aquarelles and lend some to my neighbour Michel who makes Japanese-style ink drawings - on paper...
An hour latere the sun came back and stayed for the day. I thought my work looked good in the evening sun with the shadows of the palmtrees!

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