Monday, 7 June 2010

"Outside" in Chateauneuf

This is what an aquarellista-afternoon looks like! The lush green is real - so are the girls and their aquarelles... We are still working on our theme "inside-outside" and everybody is having their own interpretation, very interesting! Most of the work is not finished yet, but I thought, I'd give you a sneak preview of the work in progress...

On the outside - Ann Edwards' version, with mysterious windows looking in ...

Brenda Moorehouse was just sketching a bit to get the inspiration going - and look at this, it's just a study but I like it a lot! She started, roughly, with the colours and added the dark lines later. It works!

Beverly Ellsey started this great 'look inside', what's the finished result going to be - a warm, South French evening atmosphere maybe?

And a completely different and clever interpretation by Marianne van Wijngaarden in which she shows inside and outside by means of these tulips...

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