Sunday, 13 June 2010


Cathie van der Stel is developing and experimenting with a whole new style... Looking great if you ask me!

Sandra Seymour-Dale was on a roll today
Have I ever posted about one of our favourite subjects in the atelier in Chateauneuf? We call it "swapping" and for one reason or another it is best enjoyed in the summer, when we are outside...yes, I have posted about that: last year, same time... If you want to read about it and see last years' results...:

a closer look on Sandra's explosive abstract
It is a very simple principle, and really suitable for aquarellista's because they are (have to be) less afraid of failure and less control-freak about their own work:
Create a background and then give your work to somebody else ("swap")! That way you are very free while creating your background, you can experiment and use colours and shapes you wouldn't normally (keep thinking, "who cares it is for somebody else..." it's good for you) and on the recieving end you get shapes and colours that will inspire you to show that you're up to it!

Cathie van der Stel: sheep inside
Anyway - last week we created the backgrounds, with lots of water, laughter, teasing and of course creativity and inspiration - some came out really gorgeous! Coming Tuesday we are going to paint the foregrounds...

Mireille Bonnaud: houses outside
Next to the swapping project we worked on the Inside/Outside theme, and we discussed the September-aquarellista-exhibition. In short, a busy -and fruitful- day! I keep the swapping pictures for next week (when they are hopefully finished), used as illustrations in this post are some of the results of last week...

 Roses (one dry, one fresh) by Sandra-Seymour-Dale

dewdrops exercise by Helen Bate Well done! They're rolling from the paper!

Marina Teding van Berkhout's "old ladies on the market"

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