Sunday, 25 July 2010

Aquarelle - Fun ideas & inspiration

Fantasy portrait by Renée Richters

You may have noticed that there was no post last week: I was traveling to and from Holland, and didn't have time - but the aquarellista's came together as usual and had a wonderful day in the shadow of the trees around our atelier "the Hangar"... And they did a lot of interesting work there, some of which might inspire you!!

First of all Cathie came up with the idea to put bubblewrap on wet paint, let it dry and then take it off. A very interesting effect, below 3 very different results!

Abstract by guest-from-New Zealand, Jill. She used bubblewrap as well as masking fluid, for an interesting deep-sea effect

Abstract by Cathie van der Stel, again with interesting effects because of the bubblewrap but with a different approach

Provence Grapes - by Marina Teding van Berkhout - inspired by the bubblewrap effect!

In that same theme but without the bubblewrap: Figs by Ann Edwards

Bouquet of Anemones by Helene van der Kroft in her typical, lighthearted style

Truci house by Jill

Provence village - work (very promising!) in progress by Sandra Seymour-Dale

Coming Tuesday we'll have a last, very relaxed session, with many guests and then we're offline for a month! I'll try to update you now and then - but not as regular as you are used to! If you want to make sure you don't miss a post - become a "follower"

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