Monday, 12 July 2010

Provence - Part III

The aquarellista group is working seriously on the "Provence" theme for our exhibition in September, and the results are getting better all the time! Here's some of the work we produced last week in the gorgeous Provence sun - with lots more to come and to be finished!!
Sandra Seymour-Dale's Provence window - sunny and hot!

Cathie van der Stel's Farm in Lavender field

Carol, aquarellista from Devon and frend of Ann Edwards, visited last year May and returned this July to create a fabulous village view!

We actually had another visitor, from Australia, Cathie's dad George. He started with a couple of drawings in pastel, then switched to watercolours and turned out to be a worthy member of the aquarellista group! He liked the material a lot and promised to develop further back home.
He made one landscape that was subtle and simple - and when we did the roundup some of us found that it looked better upside down... You decide...

Visitor George's 2 versions of the same landscape...

George creating his aquarelle

Excellent old Provence door by Horst Timmermans

Olive-fantasy II by Helen Bate

and the intriguing "Jardinier in the mist" by Marina Teding van Berkhout

We'll have another session tomorrow, where some interesting work will be finished - you can look forward to that in the coming weeks!

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