Sunday, 29 August 2010

Contemporary Art in Valbonne

From 2 to 5 September the annual "Salon d'Art Contemporain" takes place in one of the most lovely villages of the Côte d'Azur - Valbonne. At least one Aquarellista will participate: yours truly, Marina Kulik.
Maybe there are other aquarelle artists - I will definitely let you know.
I plan to show my DNA ribbons, combined with the multicolour roses, of which I finished another one today.

"Multicolour Rose 10" Aquarelle on handmade paper

Tomorrow I'm putting up work in the Airport for the "Femmes du Monde" (Women of the world) exhibition and I'll take some pictures to keep you up to date. That show will run until November, with a vernissage in October, so plenty of time still... but one thing for sure: the holidays are over!

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  1. Really well done for the blog.these are so sweet and pretty!
    Contemporary Art


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