Monday, 23 August 2010

Provence Part IV

Shoes on the sand - work in progress by Sandra Seymour-Dale

The aquarellistas had one more session before their well-deserved summerbreak... We got together on 27 July - and I didn't write an update: I've been without internet for a long time, it was repaired today!!
But pictures are patient, and the results were that good that a month later I still like too present them. In preparation of our Aquarellista's in Provence-exhibition in September, the theme was "Provence" once more:

Hanneke Kulik visited the atelier, worked with us and showed that she is a true aquarellista, with this branch of a fig tree

Three towers by Ann Edwards

Number Five, Six and Seven in the serie "Doors" by Horst Timmermans

Farm in the Provence by Lies Timmermans

Provence Village by Sandra Seymour-Dale

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