Sunday, 1 August 2010

Special guests!

Happy Cat by Zamira Timmermans

We had a splendid last-session-before-the-holidays, with a couple of visitors...
Seeing the picture above you may think that they were part of a Cobra group of aquarellista's - but actually they were Lies and Horsts' grandchildren Maurice and Zamira - and they are both talented as well as full of ideas and enthusiasm!

Star Wars Trilogy by Maurice Timmermans

Above a picture of part of the group in our normal environment (isn't it fantastic!).
 Check out where Maurice got the inspiration from for his other painting...(click on the photo to enlarge it)
Chair balanced on one leg by Maurice Timmermans

Red Castle by Zamira Timmermans 

And here you see the artists at work... The grown-ups have been working as well, I'll post about that later in August! Become a follower if you'd like to get a message when there is a fresh aquarellista post!

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