Monday, 25 October 2010

Portraits in aquarelle I

As you may remember we have been working in a kind of collage style the past two weeks - we stuck a scrap of magazine on a piece of watercolour paper and finished it - with a great effect. Turns out that everybody one way or another wanted to do portraits - and that's what we basically painted last week - and it will stay our subject for the coming time...
Last week the aquarellista's finished some impressive work!

Sandra Seymour-Dale wasn't there the past couple of weeks and to make up for that she created a portrait collage for starters! In typical Sandra-style it looks in a critical way at cosmetic surgery
Sandra Seymour-Dale's next painting - to be finished but looking very interesting already!

 A wonderfully quiet girl -by Cathie van der Stel (aren't they lovely when they sleep!)

Ann Edwards picked "hair" as a project - and painted a face to go with that! She is going to concentrate on children's portraits the coming time

You wouldn't think so at first sight - but this is going to be a portrait too! Probably. And maybe not, maybe it is going to be a collage, but whatever it is going to be - the first part looks great! As you will probably have recognised, it is Bibbi Isaksson's work... 

Hélène van der Kroft has been working really hard on painting "hands and feet". After that she needed something else and let herself go in this brilliant flowery composition

And last but not least - this fan-tas-tic snowscape, by Marianne van Wijngaarden.
By the way, she is contemplating a misty meadow with cows to replace the snow - I'll keep you posted on the developments!

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