Thursday, 6 January 2011

Mariette du Maine

Mariette is an old Dutch friend, and an excellent artist and  aquarellista! At the moment she is working on an illustrated book comparing and relating the Provence and 'het Gooi' (an especially beautiful area in Holland). The drawings are based on her 'carnets de voyage' which she makes while traveling in her favourite area, the Provence...
Here's our scoop - a sneak preview of three illustrations for the book (click to enlarge):

"Town hall squares" - and fountains (in Aix en Provence)

"Sheep" - Transhumance  (in Guillaume)
Potimarron - a happy word on this grey Friday (in Apt)

To see more work of Mariette du Maine go to her website (also in our link-list) and I'll keep you posted on the availability of the book...

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