Monday, 10 January 2011

Pre-announcement Belgian "Piet van Aken Prize" Aquarelle contest

All Aquarellistas are invited (via a letter to our webmaster) to participate in a Belgian Aquarelle Contest!
I have the rules in my posession but they are in Dutch, I'll translate and post them integrally as soon as I have time.
Here's the gist:
Work has to be authentic and original and only PURE aquarelle on paper will be fit for selection
Work must be created in 2011 and not shown in another exhibition
Max 100 "winning" aquarelles selected for big expo in Belgium
They are considered for:
The Public's Prize
First Prize 1000€
Second and Third Prize 500€ each
Several other prizes and recommendations (of the Flemish Community, Schmincke, Winsor&Newton,Arte etc)
Subscription costs 20€ (to cover costs of the organization)
Organizer Piet van Aken is an interesting aquarellista himself, for his work see the illustrations of this post and his website

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