Monday, 13 February 2012

Transferring (from newspaper to painting)

Somewhere in a book or article I read that certain newspapers are printed with fatty ink that you can transfer to paper. I don't remember which newspapers they were (but certainly not the Nice Matin - that doesn't transfer at all). Colleague Aquarellista Cathie van der Stel and me tried it out - put the newspaper on our work and rubbed it with a spoon - and it didn't give a spectacular result. But nevertheless it inspired us to create something out of it, that was different from what we normally do!

'Ride the wave' it says (mirrored) on this frozen still life by Cathie van der Stel

No idea what this actually is, it just happened after I transferred the header to my paper (It says someting with 'Tiger')(mirrored). The letters were hardly visible, so I traced them with some red paint - and the rest followed. Maybe you have better transferring results with other newspapers, don't hesitate to let me know via 'comments' because it is something I find interesting as a project - for pamphlets or more politically engaged work...

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