Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bibbi's portrait - a wonderful struggle

In December 2011 Aquarellista Britt-Marie Isaksson left the South of France to go back to her homecountry Sweden... Bibbi is a wonderful artist, with an outstanding technique and amazing imagination. Before they left, her husband asked me to paint her portrait and Bibbi later asked if I would make sure there were 'Marina things' in it...
It had to be a 'reconstruction' portrait - Bibbi didn't 'sit' for me and wasn't there to be sketched or just checked if I was doing right, but I had a couple of pictures to help me - and of course I know Bibbi and of course I have an image in my head that I wanted to paint: that of a lively woman, with a warm and comforting smile, a great artistic talent and a colourful fantasy.
In the photographs I had were no 'usable' hands - so when I had decided on the pose, I took a picture of my own hand and used that...

And there was another challenge: if I paint a portrait, I really 'dive' into that person and whilst painting, I often 'become' that person. What I didn't realize was that painting a colleague-artist, meant that I kept adopting her style! It was really difficult to paint Bibbi and not paint like her... And more than once I thought, I'll start with a new one. But putting it aside for a week helped me get a fresh look on it and in the end it all worked out fine. I am happy with the result - and luckily, so are the new owners!

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