Sunday, 28 September 2014

Paper & colours in the sun: the third year! (and a bit)

For three years now my test papers with strips of Winsor & Newton artist quality aquarelle watercolour paint are hanging on a window on the South, in the bright South-French sun...

And finally there is a bit of difference between the colours that have been in the sun and the strip that has been in a closed binder. These are the results after 15 more months: (Top is varnished with special aquarelle varnish by Schmincke), middle part has seen no light, bottom part is unvarnished)
As you can see the Crimson is now definitely a bit paler, both on the varnished and the unvarnished strip.
Also the Ultramarine seems to be a bit lighter, especially on the un-varnished part:
They are back on their old spots in the sun resp. in the binder again... More next year!!

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