Monday, 14 September 2015

Atelier Aquarellista! Open every Tuesday from 2 - 4.30pm in Chateauneuf...

The aquarellistas are back to working hard (and smart), helped by verveine, cookies, music and just a tiny sip of pink champagne! Our theme du jour was 'beaches'! Here are some of the -excellent-  results, and notice how different the subject is represented in the results:

 Carribbean hammock by Rita - our new girl! She has talent that's for sure. 
It will be finished tomorrow - can't wait to see the result!

 Avril started with the 'Transat' and a reflection of the clouds in the sea. 
Though not at all finished, it is already super interesting!

This is such a strong piece - by Sandra. Also a beach, but a completely different take. Love it!

 Brenda started the happy beach chairs with dunes in the background.
Painted in her lively and lovely style - we're looking forward to seeing it finished

This is Christiane's practice watercolour, she will make another one with the same scenery plus 2 kids climbing the fallen palmtree... Great and serious way of working! And very promising already...

 This is Bev's. You may have guessed, because it really is her style. Happy chairs for everyone!!

Tricia hasn't been in France for a while - and came back with a vengeance!!! What a su-perb beach... Note that there is still a lot of masking fluid in this painting, it will look even more interesting when that is rubbed off and replaced with other colours or left white...

Liz works on a painting that is related to the beach - the marina next to it... Still lots of masking on that one, but with these colour combinations not much can go wrong, brilliant!

Superduper soda bottles by Edith (to take with you to the beach?)

 A typical endeavour for Cathie: a lot of delicate robin's eggs in a very fine little basket with loads of detail... Only Cathie dares to start this - and be confident that she'll finish it too!!!

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