Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Complementary Colours

Atelier le Hangar, Sunny South of France: a group of enthusiastic watercolorists are working, very concentrated, on paintings in 'Complementary Colours'...
The regulars worked inside,  4 visitors worked outside enjoying the sun...
Complementary colours (a primary colour versus the secondary colour consisting of the other two)make each other stronger!
Here are some results:
 An Orange on a Blue background by Ineke

Red ladybugs on a Green leaf - by Edith

 Violet eyes with Yellow make-up by Wiebke
Orange/Yellow leaves on a Blue/Violet background by Anna-Karin
Red-and Green Autumn leaves by Annemiek

 Purple Violets with Yellow hearts by Nusch

 Brilliant work in progress, will be an Orange orange on a blue background - by Liz

Violet lavender and yellow lemons - another fantastic painting by Tricia

I guess you agree that complementary colours make each other stronger! We also worked on other aquarelles:
Hanneke also worked on a set of eyes, but made them green...

 Sylvie washed her aquarelle to prepare it for 'volume'.

Wiebke made her version of the girl we have all painted. It is added to the collection!

 Hanneke painted some flowers in a delicate and very fine way

 Cathie's watercolour in the next stage...

 Sandra started a second painting of her intriguing beach houses

And she is working on a project involving abuse. Hard to explain in one sentence but the picture speaks for itself...

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