Monday, 5 October 2015

Report of the Last Watercolour session of September!

Last week the aquarelle session was in the capable hands of Cathie! It must have been a lovely session, if I see this (incomplete) summary of the  achievements!

 Sandra worked more on her beach houses & will add shadows and more foreground.

 Liz finished her juicy orange segment...

 ...& found a ‘Shirley’ solution to finish of the sky in her boat/building painting.

 Sylvie added some detail to her washed abstract...
 Brenda worked on her giant strawberry... She will darken the background next week.

 There was a new aquarellista: Sadia joined for the first time. And to quote Cathie "it was obvious she not only has experience but also talent". Her black grapes will be finished next time....

Edith used masking fluid and salt for the first stage of her beautiful tree landscape.

Renata started this bicycle painting and experimented with the background. Will be very colourful once the detail is added and masking fluid removed.

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