Friday, 9 October 2015

Preview of 6 Fishy still lifes...

The Aquarellista group usually works on a theme, like 'trees', but last week I suggested working from one picture, just for the fun of seeing all these different interpretations! 
The inspiration came from a photo my friend Francine Hudig posted on Facebook of her lunch: 

 The paintings below are inspired by an A5-size print of that picture. They are not yet finished, if you are interested, watch this space for the results...

 Cathie gave the fish in her version a character

Edith simplified the setup into a lovely fish-couple

Brenda created a very complete Provencal still life out of the photo! 
A darker shadow will bring out the sun next week

The amazing 'Matisse' version by Patience.

 Anna-Karin worked with her typical big brush-with-fine-point, creating a splendid, watery image...

Agnes had 10 minutes left over after her gorgeous cat & horse painting (will be posted in next blog) and quickly painted this very lively version. Clearly showing how spontaneous watercolours can be!

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