Monday, 16 November 2015

Aquarelle Acrobats

 Anna-Karin's amazing painting of a trapeze artist with hoop - created after one of her sketches made in the live model class

Fantastic work on 10/11 in the aquarellista group! We're preparing for an exhibition with 'Circus' as a theme - other artists are very jealous of us because we don't need much time to finish a painting, we just have to make many versions - and choose the best for the exhibition!

 Another good candidate for the expo- birth of a harlequin... By Liz

 Sue, our new Aquarellista started this trapeze artist! 
It's going to be a spectacular painting! Watch this space...

 Edith with a similar subject as Sue - a trapeze artist with ribbons. 
And what a great light in there!! Impressive. Well done!

 Sandra's work in progress, with an elephant, a girl in clowns' costume and rainforest leaves, all merged into a painting that tells a story!

There were also a couple of other projects, Sylvie did impressive work on her orchids - but she had to leave early and there's no picture. Next time...!

 Cathie's sodabottles. Finished with a very light warm background, that unfortunately is not visible in my picture. But still - how wonderfully intricate are they!!! Bravo!

 Liz's red wolf is finished. Well-camouflaged and a lot of expression in that beautiful face!!

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