Monday, 30 November 2015

Aquarellistas - Tuesday session with Marina

We had a session last Tuesday, with a small group, lots of verveine menthe - and the new cd of Adèle! We were extra inspired - and continued with the Circus theme, and worked on other projects..

 Sandra's Elephant & girl clown is getting there! As always interesting and original...
Edith finished one of her trapeze artists. I love the light in it! Lots of indigo -and salt...

 Another trapeze painting by Edith...

Circus painting by Liz... She will no doubt finish in the next session. These are the first washes, the exciting athmosphere will be in the next layers, which will leave just a little white...

 Sylvie is working on a very delicate still life with orchids... It's going to be a fantastic painting!

 Interesting work-in-progress by Edith, inspired on Adèle!

Carole worked on the details of her tree. She's so modest about it - but I think it looks very very cool!
 Cathie finished her long thin & gorgeous painting of the courgette flowers. Love it!
 More fantastic fruit - by Liz. Inspired by the outside fruitstand in Plascassier!

 And Cathie is working on a still life of a couple of mustard jars. Great depth already, fab!

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