Monday, 7 December 2015

Passepartout - demo and watercolours to put inside...

Anna-Karin's aquarelle in a hand made passepartout (a serious one in thick carton)

Last week we had no theme but I gave a demo of very-easy passepartout cutting. If you missed it, most of the information is in this post:
Anna-Karin created another gorgeous acrobat in a hoop - fantastic style!

The starters group is almost done with the exercises! Linda and Sylvie both worked on the next layer- exercise to suggest transparency... They both did a great job - I'm sure you see the curtain in from of the bird-sculpture. Next: 3 ways to (not) paint the nerves of a leaf - and working with salt.

Cathie almost finished her mustard jars - only a little reflection to add. What can I say... Superb!!!

Agnès was in England and visited Jane Austen's library. She created this lovely aquarelle

 Liz finished her colourful painting of the fruitstall in Plascassier. It worked out really good and is very 'autumny' with all the pumpkins and butternuts...
 Sue started a true project, a gorgeous Christmas wreath in green tones. When it is finished it will sparkle - the masking fluid-dots will be the only white in this painting...

 Edith spent most of her time cutting a passepartout! But she still showed het talent in two different ways... Above the finished portrait based on Adèles face and below o so cute mother and baby polar bear...

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