Monday, 8 February 2016

Long stripey legs - and more...

Inspired by Hanna Meninkheim's little sculpture in the 'Quel Cirque' exhibition, the aquarellistas went to work on a stripey subject... The challenge was to really bring out the round shape, with no or hardly any drawing! It was picked up quickly by everyone and the results are great. Look what caracter these socks have!

Elegant and a bit shy by Michele

Flexible and brave by Sylvie

Firm and careful by Sue

Funny and strong by Celina

Careful and sweet by Carol

Crazy and daring by Edith

Funny and festive by Liz

Beside the feet, most of us were also finishing projects! Last week's masking fluid exercise for example:

 Carol took off the masking and although the letters look very good and colourful, she feels it is a bit white on the rest of it and she's going to work more on it as soon as she's back from the UK...

  Agnès spent most of the afternoon rubbing off the masking fluid - but once her 'Andy Warhol' Tulips were uncovered it turned out to be worth the effort!

 Cathie is working on a series of stone angels and cherubs with real flowers. 
They are SO beautiful! above's one for a first taste...

 Anna-Karin came up with another take on stripey... She used a picture she took herself in Africa for inspiration - and behold the watercolour-impression... One word: fantastic!

 Liz finished her odd couple with some more background and shadows

 Laila our group assistant had half an hour left to paint and chose herself one of the beautiful thistles from the still life cabinet. Can the girl paint or what...

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