Monday, 22 February 2016

Portraits in Aquarelle part I

In our Watercolour session of last Tuesday we had the first session dedicated to 'portraits'
We started with an exercise in colour and shape: paint your own eye and your own mouth (with a mirror).
A great way to really look at the almond and round shapes, the patterns and highlights in iris and pupil, and of course skin colour... but not yet at proportions and distances...

Everyone loved it, despite moans and groans especially about wrinkels... General tip: leave them out or just hint, unless they are part of what you want to express...
And most of us tried several versions. You see some of them above and below  

Andrée (did a lot of them and got better and better!)


Linda (sorry, picture doesn't do justice to the skin colour) also love the profile!

 Angelface by Liz
Who else? by Liz

 Edith's tired beauty
Cathie's little angel

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