Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Marina in l'Art de l'Aquarelle

In December last year, a contest was announced in my all-time favourite magazine "l'Art de l'Aquarelle". (the French and original version of "The Art of Watercolour"). The theme was "du figuratif vers l'abstrait" and as you may know that's what I like to do with my watercolours, so I sent in one of my favourites. It is called 'the turbulent conception of Luc', created on a big sheet of handmade paper. With a picture of me because that's what they asked too.

The turbulent conception of Luc
Aquarelle on handmade paper
70x90 cm

Of course then we had the new year festivities and other distracting stuff and I completely forgot about it... Until Sandra and later Christiane congratulated me - because guess what, my painting was the runner-up! How cool, especially with the Jury's Opinion:
"Une idée compliquée mais traduite avec élégance. Une fois que nous avons dépassé la conception originale, nous comprenons l'idée de la peinture sans lire le titre.
Encore une fois une idée originale, bien exécutée."
Which translates into something like "A complicated idea but translated with elegance. Once we grasped the original design, we understand the concept of the painting without reading the title.
Once more an original idea, well executed
Fingers crossed that it will also be featured in the English version of the magazine, I will keep you posted - and I am a proud happy bunny anyway!!

The next 'Concours' is about drawing and watercolours, if that's your thing, you can participate here:

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