Monday, 30 May 2016

Watercolours on Tuesday 17 May - with Cathie van der Stel

 From our correspondent in Sweden Bibbi: 'Instant Fantasy'... She's very good at that!

 Celina finished her mittens mosaic... And started a new one immediately... See below

This fabulous zebra is painted by Patience

Sophie the Giraffe version plus adorable d'Elia B

Fantastic portrait (quoting Cathie here but I think so too!) by Agnes of the mother of a friend who passed away 2 weeks ago. Done from a photo in black & white.

 Did you know that we have roses growing in the Hangar 'garden'? Well we do - and as you can see from Gailanne's painting they are beautiful! 
Celina started on a new, floral mosaic in green. The colours and fine detail are already very lovely!

 Liz continued her mosaic and started on the orange fish.

 Sandra started a new piece inspired by Klimt - and in mosaic style by the look of it

After the Zebra painting Patience still had enough time to go back and add colour to her black & white abstract dots from last week. Very Surrealist even before our trip to Dali!

Coming Tuesday 31 May everything is 'back to normal' with a Spanish theme...

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