Monday, 25 July 2016

Designing chairs! Aquarellistas do it...

 FAbulous chair by Elia B.
Last Tuesdayy in the Hangar, the Aquarellistas decorated chairs. On paper, with watercolours. Almost everyone participated and we are truly happy with the results! They are original, I would like all of them in my house -and -as always- they are so very different in style! Look for yourself...:

 Agnès' version of Rococo

To warm up, Liz practised with a simple painting of a real chair in the Hangar...
...and proceeded with this luxurious Chesterfield

Tana's design, classic look with a happy pattern - in Payne's Grey

 Super soft stripe by Carol
 A beautifully painted chair by Linda! She liked it better without patterns - and started those seperately. Clever!

Superb armchair by Cathie. Not yet finished - already stunning...

 Brenda's hip and happening modern fauteuil- for the gameroom?

After painting a very good and lifelike chair Linda worked on an Amaryllis pattern... Just feltpen -  colours to be added...

 Sandra is working on her series 'Essence of the stars'. This is the essence of Elisabeth Taylor...

And last but not least, our correspondent from Bretagne Michele, has been working too: she couldn't do the 'swapping' on her own so she crafted this still life with watering cans and flowers. Well done Michele!

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