Monday, 5 September 2016

Aquarelle Atelier Libre

 Cathies white chair- fab & finally finished

The past month Cathie and Tara have kept the waterclour class going while I was enjoying a long and very zen holiday... (I have also seriously painted and will post something about that later). They did a super cool job for all of the Aquarellistas who didn't want a summer stop!! Thanks a lot girls!!

Cathie has shared photo's of what the group has done and I am very very proud and enthusiastic about what has been achieved... Have a look for yourself:

Grapes - an absolutely stunning painting by Carole. I'm so impressed!

A lovely aquarelle of her sisters' house in the Loire valley by Agnès

 Great Watercolour by Celina!! She spatterded paint to create the impression of leaves. Love it!!
 Tana created several still lives.
She works hard and her style is loosening up and showing more and more confidence
Tana's lunch - in a watercolour

And how about these zebras by Sylvie - amazing!!

 I also particularly loved this portrait by Edith...

Or this sunny South-French Citroën by Liz?! Wowee!

Another strong woman's (in every possible way) portrait by Sandra

Cathies Pelicans - lov'em!! Looking forward to the finished version...

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