Monday, 12 September 2016

Aquarellistas "dress up" for first session after holidays

Liz' great stripey dress with white top +accessories...
We started the summer with an all-girl aquarellista-group and had great fun with this subject: "paint a dress". Style up to you, you can use an existing image, or a real dress as example. But also you can use a picture for the outlines, but come up with patterns and accessories, or just design a dress from your imagination... Someone in it, or just the dres... there are so many possibilities! Here are a couple of pictures of last week's session where everyone created their own interpretation!...
 Bev let herself be inspired by the lady who wears the dress - and then made it into an intriguing artwork with a story behind it by adding the skull!

  Patience went for lilywhite beauty in a tight satin dress

 A lovely, innocent and colourful dress with well defined patterns and folds. A typical Celina!

 Super romantic vintage by Brenda...
Edith worked on a nighty - a dress to go to sleep in, with a oon and a heart and stors and a little girl having a dream... Lovely as always!
And last but not least, can't get over it, what a fabulous dress, and so well painted by Tana!
she used a picture for inspiration but gave it a new look -and worked very precise to try that out. And it worked so well! Well done!

Then there were 2 participants going for other projects:
Tricia was trying out something new and combined her own use of salt-pigment-spattering-and-letting-the-paint-do-the-work-style with dark defining lines. I'm impressed!! Hopefully to be continued...

 And Agnès worked on a future post on her HobbySketcher blog!
Super picture, can't decide which one I love more, the 2CV or the bicycle!

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