Monday, 26 September 2016

Wine tasting and watercolours

 One word - fabulous. These grapes by Anna-Karin
Anna-Karin is back from Sweden! We're all delighted to have her with us again - she's of course a nice person and we get lots of inspiration from her 'Nordic' painting style.
Also she knows about wine and that is a good thing, esp. in France. Lucky coincidence that, having been in the Gironde the past two weeks (o, I did mention that before didn't I...) I brought some of the local drink, Pineau, with me for a small tasting. It is made of fresh grapejuice with cognac. Sweet and gorgeous and with 12% alcohol... We took tiny sips - and were still able to finish our work:

 Also Tana was inspired by the subject. Well done for the grapes - and the leaf will be more defined in the next session to create a perfect picture!

These juicy bad boys are painted by Carol. She is good at the round shapes - here with a soft glow, and below, her fnished marbles, with sharp lightfall. Excellent work!

I brought inspirational pictures from the vignoble that I visited, of the age-old containers and other attributes for producing wine -- 

Edith started with one of them... Looking age-old like it should, only the salt kept absorbing the colour, so more next week
For the aquarellistas who like to paint from three-dimensional examples, I will from now on bring real stuff. Last time: a basket with white cutlery

Two versions here, above the experienced, comic book style of Agnès
And one in the slightly more classic version painted by Vanessa

Of course everyone is free to choose their own subject, and both Sylvie and Brenda were looking for something to make them feel 'Zen'...
Brenda started a portrait of her lovely grandson...

 ...and Sylvie worked on a levitating buddha surrounded by bamboo.

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