Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Aquarellistas at work

In the new setup of the Aquarellista sessions, we have a subject, a still life -and then of course whatever else we like to paint... It may sound complicated but it is a great way to keep everyone sharp! This week just some crockery, a glass vase and some lavender as still life... and it turned out to be inspiring! Have a look at the results!
Carol really achieved something and then worked on it at home - and needs to tweak the big vase. Watch this space to see the final result - it is going to be fabulous!

Tricia popped in late and then achieved a great and very 'Shirley' (Trevena) result... 
Not finished but looking good already!

And another subtle and attractive painting by Tana - see the transparency! 
Can't wait for the finished painting... 

Cathie was practicing and trying out apples and grapes for a commission - using the grapes in the still life. Even her tryouts are mouth-wateringly beautiful. Sorry for the bad pic, I must have been too moved...

The other subject was 'Optical Illusion'. I brought pictures of graphical illusions, and believe me it is not easy to make a painting, as your brain gets confused... But the group attacked the subject and it worked out well! I hope to show you more of it as not everything was finished and it is such a great subject (personal hobby of mine) - and here are some first goes:
Perfect illusion, great volume by Sylvie!

Patience - what an artist she is! if you squint this is all volume and a true illusion, if you don't squint, it is quite scary - and very strong!! Love it!

André joined us for the first time. He has never painted with watercolours, and is used to oil paint. That makes it all the more difficult - but he did a great job and is clearly getting the transparency! This is going to be a great watercolour if he finishes it in 2 weeks...

And then there were the 'free' subjects:
Brenda proceeded with the beautiful little man - shadows next week to make it a strong portrait - but already so lovely

And another wild artwork by Patience! In a way this is an optical illusion too - just a couple of lines and a bit of paint to create these shrubs! I'm impressed...

Agnès had visited the pottery market in Antibes and for her Hobby Sketcher blog created this great pic of a visitor checking out these fun stripey clay figures

Edith worked on several projects and finished the copper ornament on the antique wine cask...

And  last but not least, Sylvie worked at home on this, almost monochrome, painting, so subtle and beautiful in its simplicity. Great idea - and Big Compliment!

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