Monday, 21 November 2016

10CCF - Ten Years Cathie - Colleague - Friend

Today, 21 November it is 10 years ago that Cathie came to the watercolour class for the first time!

And on 16 January the next year I spelled her name correctly for the first time 😋
People ask me if she was already that good and I can honestly say, yes she was, she came in and everyone was in awe with everything she painted - I think she was born 'good' -  but her work did change for sure, here's some early stuff: 

The style is still very much recognisable!
This is what she looked like in 2009:
Also still very much recognisable!

Other highlights were the succesful Masterclass she gave

Experiments with salt, detergent and alcohol

The Masterclass Participants...

And another important highlight  of course was the brilliant article in l'officiel:
And of course there's so much more - but that will surface when we're 25!!
 Where's the bloody monkey??

Cat, thanks so much for everything you have done in the past 10 years - and here's to the future!

XXX Marina

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