Monday, 21 November 2016

Autumn - Still life and Misc - Well done in Watercolours

The still life of grumpy old oil paints was a real challenge! 
Liz started and is definitely getting there... looking great already...

The theme 'autumn' had fantastic works. Here's Tana's. 
She wasn't so happy with it - yet I think it has a wonderful poetic depth. 
 Unfinished: autumn leaves by Michele. Although I would immediately go for the strong reds, it definitely looks like Michele gets true autumn atmosphere in her serene light colours!

André finished his silk pumpkins with a world of birdhouses and trees and fabric and started his version of this fabulous mushroom...

Elia's 'Mushrooms in space'. The photo makes them look flat where they actually are amazingly 'spacy' 😀

This fabulous image was also created by Elia - It was based on a gorilla (to me it looks like a friendly Yeti) Very well done with wet paint and salt...
 Sandra worked a bit more on the abstract mushroom, added a lizard and do I see a dragonfly?

Also by Sandra - this truly peaceful Buddha face. It has so much to tell and the expression is fantastic!

Carol finished last week's still life and really truly nailed it! 
Agnès painted 'A wee man' with the Mandelieu castle on the background. 
It's already published in her blog!

 And when she was done she painted this bridge in 10 or so minutes... what a talent!

Talking about talent - Cathie is creating a whole series of flowery watercolours - to be sold in a flower shop! More about that later...

and last but not least Sylvie's dragon - now finished!

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