Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Girls, Great Santas, Grapes & other Goodies: In Watercolours!

Another great watercolour session in the Hangar - with the usual suspects - and a new talent!

 Sandra's fabulous Liz Taylor to be finished before Christmas!

André painted the Lady with Flowers at home - but he deserves a mention for it! So well done - reminds me of an old Indonesian tapestry

 This painting was also created by André - in the Hangar. He gave his own interpretation of a black and white picture. Good work!!

 You'll see several paintings of Anna-Karin in this post, because -shame on me- I forgot to take pictures.😳 Making it up to her now...

Very Serious Santa cat with antlers, by Elia 

 This Santa Cat by Agnès is So Fluffy

Elia also finished her pinguin reflection - love it!

And the funniest and sunniest Satin Santa (taking a selfie here) was created by Michele!

Anna Karin painted this colourful mosaic-like fir tree for her December greeting cards

Although she planned to just add a couple of brush strokes to it, Tana couldn't help herself and worked admirably concentrated on her grapes-still life, and the result is fantastic, it has the atmosphere of a classic fresco!

 O, a painting by Anna Karin! The chestnuts she painted a month ago now have a very typical A-K background which works so well!

 Liz finished her painting of Portofino (that's what it was!) and we all agree that it is superb and sunny -and those boats! Wonderful Work Liz!!

 And then there's a new kid in town - Brigitte! She started with the assessment exercise and did an almost perfect job there!

 And then she started the colour catching exercise - and this is the first round - Very good again!

... more next week...

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