Monday, 16 January 2017


Liz painted this beauty

The first session of the Aquarellistas in 2017 was dedicated to Scarves! We used real ones and pictures, and because are all patterned it was quite a lot of work. Most will be finished next time, but I really want to show them in this stage as they are already absolutely fabulous!

 Colourful and strong like the lady herself: Bev's scarf

 Michele C's soft colours working so well for this kind of subject!

Agnès painted a real still life of fabulous shawl & vase

 Laura has been away for a couple of years but surely hasn't lost her touch...

 Our man André considered painted a scarf and then decided on a pair of old boots.

Michele F. is working on the starters' exercises and spent last Tuesday afternoon experimenting with spheres. Look how great these look - and notice how the ones without shadow seem to 'float'

 Carol started a painting of one of our favourite subjects - the candyjar. She has just started but I can see it is going to be very good and special

Sandra did some excellent work on her 'Essence of Amy' and it is the best from the series so far

And last but not least, Elia's beautiful kitten with butterfly... the spatter-pattern was created with a toothbrush!

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